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John Assaraf – How To Use Creative Visualization

Did you know that you have to be able to believe in results in order to get them? That’s right. Belief comes first, not after you achieve success. You know what it’s like… You get excited about a big, new idea, and your energy levels go through the roof. But when you don’t see the […]

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Will Smith – Facing Your Fears (Very Funny)

Will Smith talks about facing your fears Have you ever considered how fear can actually be the best way to reach the results you want? Tony Robbins says so, and Will Smith says so. Think about the massive levels of success each of these people have achieved by overcoming their fears. They make the money […]

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Lynne Twist – 3 Toxic Money Myths

Maybe you’ve been here… Always scrambling to pay your bills. Working to the point of exhaustion to get very little in return. Spending everything you do make to pay off debt. Watch this video where Lynne Twist shares with Oprah, the 3 big toxic myths most people hold about money, and you too can develop […]

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John Assaraf – Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work for 99% of People

Knowing that energy vibrations exist in everything and everyone is basic Law of Attraction stuff. But in order to make it really work, you have to put your conscious and unconscious mind in harmony with each other. What does that mean? Law of Attraction expert John Assaraf explains exactly that in the video below. Go […]

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