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Law of AttractionRhonda Byrne’s best-selling book, The Secret, made her a highly acclaimed author in the field of personal growth, thanks to its focus on how to successfully apply the Law of Attraction to manifest your goals and dreams.

Many people are sceptical about the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction to change their lives. So does the Law of Attraction work?

We only need to look at Rhonda’s Byrne’s life to conclude that the Law of Attraction may have some merit.

Before she released The Secret, Rhonda was unknown. She was down on her luck, with her business about to collapse and her father recently deceased. Her daughter gave her a copy of The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. Rhonda started to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction as Wattles had instructed in the book and transformed her life personally and financially.

The Law of Attraction Explained

The self made millionaire, Bob Proctor, gives an excellent explanation of the Law of Attraction in The Secret. He explains that everything in your life is attracted by the things you think about. What you constantly think about creates your reality by virtue of the predominant thoughts in your consciousness. The Law of Attraction is constantly working whether you believe it or not.

If you are thinking wonderful thoughts you will create a wonderful life but if you are thinking less than wonderful thoughts you will create a less than wonderful life. So if you want to apply the Law of Attraction successfully, always remember these simple words uttered by Bob Proctor, “Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.”

What Evidence Is There That The Law Of Attraction Works?

Many people wonder if the Law of Attraction really works? What evidence is there that by applying the Law of Attraction we can change our lives.

The message in The Secret is delivered by some of the world’s most renowned success coaches, including Jack Canfield who wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul, Bob Proctor who authored You Were Born Rich, John Asaraf, Joe Vitale, James Arthur Ray, and many others. All of these success coaches talk about how they have seen the Law of Attraction at work in their lives. They believe that the Law of Attraction does work and that it was also used by powerful historical figures like Beethoven, Da Vinci, Dale Carnegie, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, JD Rockefeller, and many others.

While you may find this hard to believe, a closer look into the lives of the most successful people on the planet today shows us that they  hold a common belief; that we can control what comes into our lives by focusing our thoughts on what we want. They all believe that there is something in the universe that causes us to be connected to everything in existence. This suggests that by directing your thoughts towards something, you tune your body and mind into the same frequency and start attracting things that are consistent with what you are thinking.

When you study the individuals who have held this belief and see what they have accomplished in their lives, it becomes clear that the Law of Attraction is a powerful tool that can greatly impact our lives. Whatever you think about or focus on becomes your reality. You attract to yourself situations, things, and people of a similar vibration to yourself.

Something To Think About

While The Secret teaches us important principles about changing our lives by successfully applying the Law of Attraction, it does not reveal the complete picture. It simply gives us the following three steps to perform so we can manifest the things we want on our lives:

1. Ask: You must be absolutely certain about what you want.

2. Believe: You should act, speak, and think as if you are already in possession of what you want.

3. Receive: You must believe that you have achieved what you want as this sets up the vibration required to manifest the desire.

However, if you study the lives of great achievers both living and throughout history, you will discover that they all committed to pursuing their goals through careful planning, continual persistence, and with a burning desire to achieve what they wanted. Nowhere in The Secret are these important points covered. The message in The Secret only focuses on the three steps: ask, believe, and receive. I believe that for anyone to manifest a better life and experience Law of Attraction success, they must be persistent and form action plans to help them achieve what they want.

Applying the principles of the Law of Attraction in your life can help you attract more money, achieve better health, find love and experience success beyond your wildest dreams. It is the link between mind and physical manifestation.

Is The Secret’s Law Of Attraction Complete?

Is the Law of Attraction working for you? If it is, then I congratulate you on your success and encourage you to continue your journey towards an epic life.

If however, you have consistently applied the three steps as explained in The Secret: Ask, Believe, Receive, but have yet to see the results in your life, you may be wondering if there is any truth in the Law of Attraction. Or perhaps the results you have obtained from using the principles of the Law of Attraction have been disappointing and you just know that you are capable of greater things.

If the Law of Attraction has not worked for you and you are frustrated about your lack of progress towards your ideal life, then something may be getting in your way. Take the quiz below to find out.


To your success!