2 Law Of Attraction Tips Are Key To Living The Law of Attraction

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Woman On SeatThe Law of Attraction is based on the idea that your current reality, the life that you are now living, is the result of your thoughts in the past. So the key to living the Law of Attraction and manifesting prosperity, health, love and success, is to change the thoughts that you have.

So how does the Law of Attraction work? How can you attract something into your life by simply thinking about it?

When you focus your conscious thoughts on a specific goal that you want to achieve, your subconscious mind will accept that thought and try to match it to your reality. As you focus your thoughts on your goal, you will begin to have inspirations, gut feelings and intuitions about your goal and start to take actions on these. You will be more aware of things, people and places that will help propel you towards your goal.

Think about someone you know who is always in the right place at the right time to get what they want. Or they instinctively know what opportunities to take to propel them towards their goal. This has nothing to do with luck. They have learnt to focus their mind towards what they want and accessed the power of the Law of Attraction.

If you want to know how to make the Law of Attraction work and create a life that effortlessly flows, steering you towards your goals, read on for two important Law of Attraction tips that will help you achieve whatever you want.

Tip 1: Be Absolutely Clear About Your Goal

The most important thing you can do before you achieve any goal is to be very specific about it and be totally committed to achieving it. Write your goal down and set a date by which you want to achieve it.

Whether you want financial independence, a healthy weight, romance or a home business, write down your goal and set a date now. If the goal appears too big for you, divide it into smaller goals, again being very specific about each one.

The most important part of this Law of Attraction tip is developing an absolute certainty that you will achieve your goal. This confidence will make it easier for you to continue striving towards your goal when you become discouraged about the lack of progress you are making or you have reached a point where you simply don’t know what to do next – you have reached a block.

Perhaps a member of your family keeps telling you that your goal is impossible or perhaps you have experienced a major failure in an action you took towards your goal and you are despondent. Learn to view failures as learning opportunities – often your greatest breakthrough towards a goal is the lesson you have learnt through failure. An absolute certainty gives you the courage to continue, even when everyone is telling you to stop pursuing your dream.

Meditation is a great technique to help you build certainty about your goal. There are many different meditation techniques to choose from. Find a technique that works for you and meditate daily. You also need a group of people around you that encourage you – not discourage you. Find people who think the same way as you do and hang out with them often.

Tip 2: Revise Your Goal Every Day  

The second tip to help you attract what you want in your life is to revise your goal twice a day. An easy way to do this is to create a written affirmation about your goal and put it in as many places as you can so that you will see it as you go about your day to day activities.

The more vivid the experience you have while revising your affirmation, the more active your subconscious mind will be in creating your reality based on your affirmation. Vision boards are an effective tool you can use to help create vivid visual experiences about your affirmation. As you revise your affirmation, focus intently on the images on your vision board. A very powerful type of vision board is a Mind Movie, a video of images related to your affirmation. You can download your Mind Movie onto your smart phone so that your affirmation can go where ever you do.

Living the Law of Attraction requires learning new habits to change the thoughts that you have. The key is in the daily practise of affirmations that focus on the goals you want to achieve. Apply these two Law of Attraction tips  and you will discover that you can attract health, prosperity, love and success into your life.