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How To Fall Asleep FastThere has been a lot of research discussed in the media recently about how many people are struggling with sleep. In fact, one study showed that up to 30% of all people in the United States are officially sleep-deprived, and that number is expected to go up. If you are wondering how do I fall asleep fast or you are eager to find ways to stay asleep, then some of these tips may be able to help you get a better night’s sleep.

How Can You Improve Your Sleep?

Whether you believe that a full eight hours’ worth of sleep is necessary or you feel that you could thrive by increasing your sleep to only six or seven, the truth is that tips to fall asleep fast can make a big difference in your life. Studies show that people who are sleep deprived will not only weigh more, but they will experience a number of other health issues. It is also estimated that serious sleep deprivation can take as much as ten full years off of your life!

Being able to recognize that you are not sleeping properly is important. Some people feel that they can get by on only a few hours sleep, not really recognizing what it is doing to them. If you have one available to you, the use of a sleep monitor can be very helpful. You will find that some of the more recent activity or fitness monitors also have a sleep monitor built into them that will show you just how soundly you are sleeping as well as how many times you are waking up during the night.

What Ways To Fall Asleep Fast Work Best?

Most sleep experts will tell you that some of the tricks to fall asleep fast will only work if you are willing to turn off your television, your tablet, your laptop, and your phone as soon as you get to bed. Although it can seemingly be sleep-inducing to watch television in bed, the opposite effect is actually occurring.

If it is possible, you should not have your phone or any other electronic device in your bedroom, and certainly not within arm’s length. If you know that your phone and therefore your emails and text messages are available to be looked at in the middle of the night, then you will simply be more likely to check them.

If you do have a television, cable box, modem, or some other electronic device with a red or blue light on it, then completely turn off the device or cover up the light with black tape. This will help you to have a truly dark bedroom which is conducive to a better night’s sleep.

How Do You Fall Asleep Fast Without Pills?

If you have been wondering how can I fall asleep fast without taking sleeping pills, then you are actually like a vast number of people these days. It seems that as over the counter sleeping pills have become more popular, a lot of people have also become dependent on them for inducing sleepiness.

The problem is that sleeping pills may make you drowsy, but they do not create the kind of high quality, deep sleep that your body needs. They also have a tendency to cause dehydration, which can make you feel groggy and out of sorts the next day and have you waking up during the night, looking for something to drink.

There are certain foods and supplements that may be helpful to you if you need or want to fall asleep quick. Many of these contain ingredients such as melatonin or valerian, both of which are herbal extracts that help to create a sense of calm and relaxation without any side effects.

Can Meditation For Sleep Help You?

One fast way to fall asleep is to use natural or holistic methods such as meditation. This technique can be very useful for people who are suffering from insomnia due to stress. If you feel that anxiety and stress are affecting your sleep, then you may want to consider a meditation program such as Omharmonics.

If you have never meditated before but would like to start or you have started meditating but not getting the results you want, this infographic will give you tips to help you meditate more effectively.

What Is Omharmonics?

This is an audio meditation program that has been used by people around the world who are interested in self-meditation and self-improvement. Not only can this kind of program help with sleep issues, but Omharmonics also offers other programs that can provide a variety of health benefits.

Whether you have always struggled with getting to sleep or you are going through a time in your life right now that is creating stress, unhappiness or chaos, then starting a regularly meditation practise might help you get a healthy and sound nights sleep.