Affirmations For Self Esteem – A Visualization Tool For Your Success

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Self EsteemAffirmations for self esteem are a fun way to accelerate yourself towards the life you have always wanted to live.


Because the measure of your self esteem corresponds to the reality you are experiencing. If you have low self esteem you don’t feel good about yourself and have little confidence that anything you do in life will be a success. Life becomes serious and not much fun.

So if you want to move towards the life of your dreams, affirmations are one of the tools that will get you there faster.

Why aren’t more people using affirmations to make changes in their lives?

Well, some people may not be aware of how they really can produce life changes. Or they may not know the correct way to write an effective affirmation, one that will really create a difference.

If you finally want to rid yourself of low self esteem or feel that your self esteem could be raised, read on to discover how to write and apply your own affirmations for self esteem and watch the magic happen.

Step 1: Define What High Self Esteem Is For You

Before you write your affirmations, you need to define what you think self esteem is. Write down your definition of self esteem and what it means to you.

The easiest way to do this is to come up with specific actions that you think a person with self esteem would do. Observe confident people in your community, school, university, church, workplace and note how they talk and act. Read about people who are successful in business. Define a blueprint of how you would like to walk, talk and act as a person with self esteem. In other words what does self esteem look like to you.

Step 2: Construct Your Affirmations

Now that you have defined what self esteem means to you, you are ready to construct your affirmations. There are four rules you need to follow when you write your affirmations:

1. They need to be in the present tense

2. They need to be written in positive language. Don’t use negative words

3. They must be written in the first person

4. They must include an action

Some examples could be:

“I love and accept myself unconditionally”

“I confidently talk to different women (men)”

“I enjoy closing the sale”

“My business turnover is increasing”

“I enjoy eating healthy food”

Step 3: Review Your Affirmations Daily

To ensure that your affirmations have any impact, you must review them daily, preferably twice a day. There are several ways you can do this.

You could write your affirmations on cards and say them out loud visualizing yourself as having accomplished them with as much emotion as you can. You could carry these cards with you and whenever you have a spare minute during the day, you could review them. Repetition is the key. The more you review your affirmations, the sooner they will become a part of your thoughts and with the change in your thoughts comes changes in actions, which in turn creates your new reality.

Alternatively you could make a vision board, a collections of images that represent your affirmations, and focus on the pictures in your vision board while you are reading your affirmations out loud. A very powerful form of vision board is a Mind Movie, a video of images that represent your affirmations.

Affirmations are an effectivel way to raise your self esteem. The measure of your results is directly correlated with the effort you put in. If you do not review them regularly, then your results will be average. But if you diligently review your affirmations, visualizing them as already achieved, then your results will be spectacular.

More Tips For Low Self Esteem

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