3 Confidence Boosters That Will Take Your Life To The Next Level

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Confidence BoostersMany people suffer from low self confidence. If you are one of these people, then you will benefit from three confidence boosters I am going tell you about.

Why is confidence so important?

Well, just imagine how much you could achieve in your life if you possessed an abundance of self confidence. Total belief in yourself would make it so much easier to develop your natural talents. Building a career, achieving personal goals, finding your soul mate or taking care of your body would become second nature. People who are not confident withdraw from others and are often too timid to try anything new or make the necessary changes to take their lives to the next level.

Below you will find three techniques you can start applying today to boost your confidence. The first two will require consistent practise until they become a part of your personality and the third one will naturally follow once you have mastered the first two.

Find Out Exactly Who You Are

Discovering who you really are is the most important thing you can do to increase your confidence. If you do not know who you are, how can you make the necessary changes to build your dream life?

Low self confidence often develops when you become distracted by other people’s ideas of what you should do and who you should be or you allow circumstances to influence your beliefs and actions, instead of listening to your inner voice which will always guide you if you would only pay attention to it.

Listening to your internal dialogue is a good place to begin the process of discovering who you are and what goals you want to achieve in your life. Writing down your thoughts and questioning what is really important to you can help you discover the thoughts that are going around inside your head. If you make writing down your thoughts an everyday action you will find that building confidence becomes a journey of self discovery and not about becoming someone else. It is also important to become aware of how your body and mind works so you can fully appreciate how magnificent you really are.

 Master Your Thoughts

Controlling your thoughts is one of the most difficult techniques to master. Your thoughts must be focused, not the random constant whirl that is going on in many people’s minds. To help you achieve a calm state of mind learn how to meditate effectively and incorporate this practise into your daily life. There are many different meditation techniques such as audio meditation or guided meditation – find the technique that best works for you.

How you speak internally to yourself is also important if you want to master your thoughts. Imagine if your best friend constantly criticised you the way you criticise yourself. Many people talk to themselves in a very negative way and then they wonder why they have little confidence. We must be as kind to ourselves in our self talk as we would talk to our best friend.

The self control that mastering your thoughts requires can only be achieved by constant practise until the skill becomes a part of your personality. Many people fail to develop self control as they find this strategy too hard and that it takes up too much of their time. But once you have gained control over your thoughts you will be free to use them to achieve what you really desire in life. And, as you become better at controlling your thoughts the easier it will be to build self confidence.

Contribute To Others

Once you have discovered who you really are and learnt to control your thoughts, you will feel the need to contribute your time or financial resources to people in need. Contributing to others less fortunate than yourself helps you to stop focusing on your own life challenges and gives you a sense that your life has a deeper meaning than the frustrations of your daily life, a higher purpose. You begin to realise that your life is much more than day to day tasks and frustrations and this in turn helps you to build your confidence further.

Mastering these confidence boosters is absolutely essential if you want to live your life at the next level. When you learn who you really are, master your thoughts and begin to contribute to others, you will slowly but surely raise your self esteem and, as this starts to happen, your self confidence will grow and you will begin to become the person you have always wanted to be.