3 Self Esteem Boosters That Will Remove Your Low Self Esteem Symptoms

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Self Esteem BoostersLow self esteem impacts on everything you do or want to do in your life.

Your self esteem determines how you perform in that job interview, how you converse with that gorgeous man who has just started at work and how you relate to your family. So learning about self esteem boosters and applying techniques to make them a part of your daily activities will help propel you towards living the life of your dreams.

What are the symptoms of low self esteem?

Well, have you ever missed out on that perfect job, because you were so nervous during the interview you know your true talents and abilities did not come across – you were hesitant and appeared unconfident?

Have you ever been embarrassed by your inability to converse with someone you would have loved to get to know better – or you finally had the courage to go over and start a conversation, only to find that you were so nervous and embarrassed that you finally walked away knowing that you had blown that opportunity?

Have you ever failed an exam or not done as well as you would have liked, your mind was a blank even though you know you had prepared for it?

These are all symptoms of low self esteem. And every time these situations happen, they confirm that you cannot get the job, pass the exam or meet your perfect partner.

So if you have low self esteem symptoms, read on to discover 3 strategies that will raise your self esteem and start applying them today. Never, ever fail again to get that new job, partner, business opportunity, pass that exam, close that deal, get that sale. Besides having high self esteem makes life more fun!

Step 1: Define Your Life Purpose

The first thing you must do is determine what your life purpose is. You know you have discovered your life purpose when you bounce out of bed every morning excited at the thought of another day.

To help you discover what your life purpose is, try daily journaling. Purchase a notebook and spend 5 – 10 minutes a day, preferably in a place where you will not be disturbed, writing down your thoughts on what your life purpose could be. Don’t analyze or try to question what you are writing, simply write without any judgement.

Meditation is another technique you can use for clarifying your life purpose. There are many different meditation techniques you can use, such as audio meditation and guided meditation. No one meditation technique is better than the other, you choose the technique that is right for you. What meditation will do is put you in a relaxed state, switch off your conscious thoughts and allow your subconscious mind to reveal insights that your conscious mind may never consider. Before your meditation session, ask yourself “what is my life purpose?” You may experience flashes of insight during your meditation, ideas popping into your mind of actions you could take.

Some of the thoughts you may get during journaling or meditation will fill you with such excitement that you will want to find out more about them. Do research, make enquiries, form action plans, do whatever it takes to learn as much as you can about those exciting thoughts that could potentially be your life purpose.

Step 2: Don’t Be Influenced By Others Opinions And External Circumstances

One of the most common symptoms of low self esteem is when you let circumstances outside your control or the opinions of other people influence the decisions you make in your life?

Never be influenced by other people’s opinions. If you do then you are undermining your self esteem because you are essentially saying that you do not have the confidence to make decisions about your own life. You are handing over the responsibility of your life to others.

Now I am not saying to totally disregard external circumstances or other people’s opinions. Listen to what other people have to say, understand circumstances outside your control, but never let them totally influence you.

Purchase a notebook and at the end of each day, record how many times you were influenced by external circumstances or the opinions of other people. As you become aware of your thoughts and actions, you will begin to notice patterns of self doubt and this awareness will help you to become more confident in making your own decisions.

Step 3: Change Your Thoughts

So how do your thoughts influence your self esteem?

If we consider the law of attraction, it maintains that our thoughts create our reality; our current lives are the result of our thoughts in the past.

Put another way, your subconscious mind acts on the thoughts that you have and creates your reality from those thoughts. So if you want to have high self esteem, your thoughts must correspond to that desire.

Changing the way that you think sounds difficult, but affirmations are an easy and very powerful way to reprogram your thought patterns. An affirmation is a short, positive statement which declares that you already have what you want. So if you want to raise your self esteem, then writing self esteem affirmations and repeating them daily will change the way that you think and this in turn will change the actions you take and slowly but surely your life will become what you affirm.

So there you have it – three self esteem boosters. Make them a part of your daily life and you will find that life will be much more fun as you find it easier and easier to use the abilities you were born with.