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MoneyAre you tired of never having enough money to pay the bills, go on holiday, buy a new car, send you children to private school or donate to your favorite charity?

Do you want to learn how to attract money so that you can be, do and have whatever you want?

Have you ever wondered how some people can amass incredible fortunes even though they were born into poverty and why others born into wealth, lose their entire fortune over their lifetime?

Well the answer to these questions may lie in The Law Of Attraction.

The Law Of Attraction maintains that your reality is created by the thoughts that you constantly have. In other words, your current reality is the result of your thoughts in the past. So when you focus your conscious thoughts on prosperity, this instructs your subconscious mind to begin to create a reality for you that will match those thoughts.

The principle of The Law Of Attraction is simple, but where the majority of people have difficulty is in the application of the principle. It is not easy to maintain thoughts on manifesting prosperity when the creditors are calling, the car could be repossessed tomorrow and the pile of household bills just keeps getting bigger. But the key to success in using The Law Of Attraction for whatever you want to change in your life, is in the consistency of your thoughts.

So if you want to learn the secret of attracting wealth and experience more prosperity in your life, read the following five steps to learn how to attract money to you using The Law Of Attraction.

Step 1: Be exact About The Amount Of Money You Want

If you want to manifest prosperity, being precise about the amount of money you want is one of the most important steps you can take. You cannot hope to achieve your financial goals unless you are really clear about what you want.

So to take your financial goal from a wish to a reality, you must write down the exact figure that you believe will give you the financial independence to live the life of your dreams. If you focus your thoughts on the exact amount of money you want, your subconscious mind takes those thoughts and tries to match them with your reality.

It is very important to understand that any financial goal is possible. Do not consider any figure you have in mind as unattainable. So if you want to be a millionaire, then that is your financial goal. Do not be concerned at this point how you are going to achieve millionaire status, simply focus on your goal of $1,000,000. Now you can be even more specific about your financial goal. You could write down your financial goal as $1,000,000 yearly income or $1,000,000 in the bank or $1,000,000 in property or $1,000,000 split between the stock market and property or whatever you want.

Get excited about your financial goal, there are no limitations except those in your mind. So being very specific about your financial goal will create a better match between your thoughts and your future reality.

Step 2: Establish The Date You Want To Accomplish Step 1

It is very important that you establish the date by which you want to accomplish the goal you have written in step 1. This gives your subconscious mind a more accurate picture of your financial goal as well as a sense of urgency.

Make several copies of your written financial goal and its completion date and put them in prominent places where you will see them throughout the day. Put a copy on your computer, in the bathroom, on the fridge, on your desk at work, in your diary, in your briefcase, handbag. Constant reminders of your goal are important for changing your poverty thoughts to thoughts of prosperity.

Step 3: What Are You Going To Give In Return?

To prepare the way to receive wealth, you must now decide what you are going to give in return. What are you going to do to work towards your financial independence?

Are you going to spend 4 nights a week studying towards your goal?

Are you going to attend seminars?

Are you going to apply for a new job?

Are you going to get financial advice?

Are you going to learn how to invest in property?

Are you going to study the share market?

Are you going to set up a home business?

Whatever you decide, make sure that it is something you find truly exciting; then if you ever become discouraged about your financial goal, you will find the motivation to continue.

Step 4: Write Down Your Plan And Start It Now

Plans give you specific actions to take towards your goal and help to focus your thoughts and energy so that you will not be easily distracted from your goal. As soon as you have written your plan down, you must choose an item from the list and take one action towards it. This starts a momentum towards your ultimate goal. Every week, revise your plan, add items and tick off those you have achieved.

The plans you write down do not need to be complicated or perfect, they can be adjusted as you continue your journey towards your financial goal. Many people mistakenly wait to start working towards their financial goal, until they have the new job, until winter time, until the children start school, until the children leave home, until the economy improves, until they retire. This is simply procrastination and only delays their success.

Step 5: Revise Your Financial Goal Daily

Constantly focusing your thoughts on prosperity instructs your subconscious mind to create a prosperous reality for you. For the best results, write an affirmation and revise it in the morning and before you go to bed. An affirmation must be written in the present tense, using positive language and include one of the actions you are going to take from step 3 above. It is also very important that your affirmation is written in the first person.

For example: I have a yearly income of $1,000,000 by 2020 through property investments and the stock market

Your affirmation can be read out loud while you vividly imagine having attained your financial goal. You could create a vision board related to your goal, and focus on it while reading your affirmation. Or you could watch a pre made video of a money vision board from Mind Movies Matrix to really help you focus on your financial goals. These videos can be downloaded onto your mobile devices so that you can watch your digital vision at any time on the go. Use whatever method you find that creates the most vivid image of your affirmation for you.

So there you have the secret to attracting wealth. Follow these five steps and The Law Of Attraction will work its magic. What separates those who succeed in manifesting money in their lives and those that do not is absolute commitment to learning the steps above and applying them.