Manifesting Money – How The Law Of Attraction And Money Works

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Manifesting MoneyWe all know that having money helps make life easier. The ability to be able to go through your day without the constant worry of being able to make ends meet would be a dream come true.

If you knew the secret to manifesting money just think how less stressful and more relaxed you would become. The extra time you would have to devote to concentrating on the important aspects of your life such as relationships, exercise and focusing on your diet in order to improve your health. And if you had extra financial resources just think how much spare time you would have to devote to accomplishing any goal on your bucket list.

So how do you manifest money? Well, there is a definite relationship between the Law of Attraction and money. If we diligently apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to our goal of attracting financial resources, then we will bring into our lives what we need to achieve that goal.

 1. Set Your Goal And Believe That You Can Not Fail

The first step you must take is to decide what amount of money you want and the time frame you want it in. You need to set a target to aim for. It could be putting money aside for a new car, a deposit towards a house or a business or you may set a goal of increasing your income.

If setting goals is a new concept for you, then you may want to start with small goals to build your belief that you can achieve any goal that you want. So do not be too over enthusiastic with the first goal you set. Do not set a goal of $100,000 in the bank in the next six months if your annual income to date has never been more than $30,000 a year. Start with small goals and once you have achieved these you will have built the confidence to move onto bigger goals.

2. Become Obsessed With Your Goal

The second step is to become focused on your goal. The important point to remember here is, do not become obsessed with money, become obsessed with your goal. Focusing on the reason you want the money (your goal) has a more powerful effect on your results than focusing on the money you need to reach your goal. By doing this you will find that you start to attract ideas, opportunities, people and resources that will help you achieve your goal. Always remember, focus on the goal not on how you will achieve it.

Maintaining your focus on a goal can be difficult, particularly when you have become despondent with the lack of results in your life. Many people find that using a vision board helps them overcome these challenging moments and enables them to refocus their efforts on their goal. A vision board is a representation (physical or digital) of your goal(s).

You can make a physical vision board (using pictures and text) of your financial goals and keep it in a place where you can view it often throughout the day. Or you could get a pre made digital vision board focusing on money, download it onto a mobile device and take it with you 24/7 even on the go. As well as being mobile, the pre made digital vision board contains pictures, text, music, brainwave entrainment and subliminal messages, not just the pictures and text of a physical version.

3. Work Hard Towards Your Goal Starting From Where You Are

The relationship between the Law of Attraction and money requires you to work diligently towards achieving your financial goals. If the strategy you are currently working on is not generating sufficient money do not worry, just keep applying Step 2 and focus on your goal. Before you know it a new idea will present itself that will help you towards your goal, or you will meet someone who has information about your goal or a new resource will become available or a new opportunity will present itself that will help you move closer towards your goal.

Focusing on your goal generates momentum and this momentum once started gets faster and faster until one day you discover that your financial resources have increased, you have achieved your financial goals and your life is exceeding all your expectations.

Becoming wealthy requires that you change your thoughts so that you think like a millionaire. You can not expect to increase your financial resources with a poverty mentality so you must change the way you think about money.