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wHave you ever lost weight and then realized several months later that you have slowly gained it all back? And you asked yourself “How did that happen?”

While nutrition and exercise programs are important to losing weight and maintaining the achieved results for good, you will have a greater chance of success if you include weight loss affirmations into your daily routine.

The key to success when using affirmations is to understand how and why they work so that you can maximize their effect in order to get the results that you want. So if you are discouraged by your failure in the past to lose weight and keep it off, then read on to learn how positive weight loss affirmations can help you finally achieve your ideal weight and maintain it for life.

Step One: Establish What Your Healthy Weight Is

The first thing you need to do is to establish what your healthy weight is. What is the weight at which your body will function at its very best? Do not consider that your healthy weight is the weight you think you would be happy at. Please consult your doctor to establish what your healthy weight is before your begin any weight loss program. Your doctor knows best.

Another point to consider here is your mindset towards weight loss. If your current way of thinking has not worked in the past, it must change so that you can achieve your healthy weight and maintain it. Consider the next two statements:

I want to lose weight

I want to be at my healthy weight.

“I want to lose weight” evokes a negative emotion. Your mind will try to block it out – it simply sounds like hard work which only makes your goal of losing weight more difficult to achieve. Many of us connect the thought of losing weight to pain and how difficult it can be.

“I want to be at my healthy weight” suggests a positive emotion – it does not seem like work at all.

So instead of telling yourself you want to lose weight, remind yourself that you want to be at your healthy weight. There is a significant difference between these two mindsets.

Step Two: What Are You Going To Do Differently

Achieving your healthy weight and maintaining the results is not simply about repeating affirmations. You need to decide what changes you are going to make about the food and drink you put into your body and how you will incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Do not be tempted to avoid exercise and a healthy diet as your results, if you do achieve them, will not be permanent.

Write down the changes you are willing to make to your diet and exercise habits and focus on them. Keep a food and exercise diary if it will help you. Set mini goals along the way and remember to reward yourself when you have achieved them.

Step Three: Write Your Affirmations

Once you have established your healthy weight and you have decided what you are going to do differently to achieve it, you can begin to write your weight loss affirmations. To be effective, affirmations must adhere to four basic rules:

1) They must be written in the present tense

2) They must be written in the first person

3) They must be written using positive words

4) They must be written using one of the changes you are willing to make in step 2 above

Some examples are:

Fresh Salad“I’m achieving my healthy weight through eating wholesome foods.”

“I’m achieving my healthy weight through commitment to resistance training.”

“I’m experiencing more energy because of my commitment to proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.”

Step Four: Practise Your Affirmations Every Day

To be effective, affirmations must be practiced twice daily, in the morning and before you go to bed. Read each one out loud several times focusing carefully as you read. Write your affirmations in a notebook or on a card and take them with you wherever you go and if you have any spare time when you are away from home, take out your notebook or card and go over them again.

A powerful way of reviewing your affirmations is through a Mind Movie, which is a video of images related to your affirmations. Or you could get a pre made video that targets weight loss. These videos can be loaded onto your computer, iPod or phone or any other mobile device. Instead of saying your affirmations out loud, you could watch your video to focus your mind on your healthy weight.

The lifestyle changes you make during the journey to your healthy weight are changes that you will have programmed into your subconscious mind. Good nutrition, healthy exercise and positive affirmations for weight loss will have become a part of your life. The rewards are a body that is healthy and strong and a mind that is confident and capable of achieving whatever goals it desires.

Enjoy the process!

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