Living With Purpose – 3 Tips To Help You Find Your Life Purpose

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Do you know what living with purpose really means?

Often when I ask someone “What is your life purpose?” they will describe duties or goals such as becoming a good person, being the best parent, etc. These are undoubtedly important to everyone. However, living with purpose is very different in that it has to do with something more than duties or goals and should arouse a passion so strong within you that you know you are living for something much bigger than yourself.

The self-help guru Zig Ziglar once said “Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.”

When you have a absolute sense of mission and are aligned with your life purpose, life flows easily. You seem to be in the right place at the right time to receive that business opportunity you always wanted, to make that record breaking sale, to meet that beautiful partner. You live a life filled with inner peace and happiness, knowing that your dreams are being fulfilled.

So if you want to discover how to live an effortless life, read the three tips below and apply them in your daily life. You will know you are aligned with your life’s purpose, when you wake each morning, so excited to begin a new day that you can hardly contain yourself.

Be Still Within

In today’s world there is an immense amount of external noise that bombards us every day; television, radio, billboards, internet, cell phone, to name a few. You can be contacted 24/7, are constantly connected to others through social media and you never leave home without a cell phone. You gain a lot of useful and often important information from these external stimuli, but for finding your life’s purpose, you must learn to switch off all the distractions in your life for a few minutes every day, so that you can relax your body, quieten your mind and contemplate.

MeditationMeditation is an effective technique for switching off the constant distractions around you. Find a meditation routine that works for you and practice it daily. When you start to meditate you may find it difficult to switch off your mind from the continuous thoughts about jobs to do, errands to run, people to meet and things to fix. This is a common experience, particularly if you are new to meditation. Listening to meditation music or following a guided meditation session can help to calm your thoughts quickly.

As you begin to take time out of your daily life to meditate, you may find that people will try to distract you. Your partner, children and friends may question why you are meditating and give you reasons why you should not be. Be firm with them and keep your commitment to spend some time each day, just for you, meditating.

Another thing to be aware of is other people’s opinions about what you should do or not do with your life. The best thing that you can do in such instances is to cultivate “selective ignorance”, that is, filter out and accept only what is absolutely necessary, while thanking them for their advice.

Listen To Your Inner Voice

If you have lived a busy life for a long time, in a constant state of noise and chaos, it may be difficult for you to sit quietly and meditate. But please do not be discouraged if your mind starts to race during your meditation. Gently bring it back to a state of calmness.

Ask an important question before you begin your meditation session. This provides your subconscious mind with an idea to work on while you are meditating.

Questions such as

What am I passionate about?

What is the one thing I want to accomplish before I die?

What is it that people should remember me for?

What is my purpose in life?

Then during your meditation session, listen to any answers that may surface.

When you have finished your meditation session ask the question again and pause for a moment to reflect on the answer that comes to mind.

Purchase a beautiful journal and write down any thoughts, answers or ideas that pop into your mind during your meditations. Add to your journal any inspirations you get as you go about your day. Go through your journal regularly and write down any further thoughts you may have on what you have already documented.

Writing down your thoughts helps to clarify your thinking and may provide answers to the questions you have asked yourself. Over a period of time you will find that the answers to your questions become clearer and more focused.

Never Give Up

The last and final tip is to never give up until you have discovered your life’s purpose. Often it is closely associated to your passions. Research and read about the things you are passionate about.

Follow up on any thoughts, ideas, and inspirations you have written in your journal.

Make plans to increase your knowledge and skills related to the things you are passionate about. Never give up.

Whatever you may want to do with your life, you can be sure that someone else has already traveled the same path or done something that is very similar to what you want to do. Learn from their stories, read their inspirational biographies, attend their workshops, buy their books.

Ask someone you admire to become your mentor and surround yourself with people who will support you on your quest to live an epic life.

And above all, be patient. If you apply these three strategies in your daily life, you will find what you were born to do.